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  Hundreds of thousands Of Domains expire and drop every week

  We compile a 5 Day List for you to review

  You click, we catch, you get the name, it's that simple

How It Works

Create Account

Click on Register to enroll in the website and verify your email account. Once you verify your email your account is active and ready to be prefunded.


Once you completed the register process and verify your email, your account will be active to click the Dashboard link. You will need to prefund your wallet and start clicking and reserving domain names.

Choose Domain

Once you logged in there is a daily list of domains. Click on the Action Price on thedomain and it will be added to your My Catches section. Or you may also enter your own dropping domains by clicking Add Backorder in the My Catches section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, but not very often, our verification emails end up in your spam folder of your email provider. Please look there and if you're still unable to find it please contact support.

Catches.io can currently catch .COM .NET and .ORG domain names.

Catches accepts PayPal and Creditcards. Creditcard transactions are processed via Stripe and Catches does not store any Creditcard Information.

Catches.io will try to catch the domain name you click on. If you clicked on a domain name and it's in your "My Catches" dashboard, it means noone else in our system can click on it. If we are successful in catching the domain name we will notify you via email and you'll be able to see it's status in the dashboard. When this happens, be sure your "My Account" information is up to date. We will use this information to move the account to your Network Solutions account. If you don't have one, don't worry we can create one for you with all the information in your account.